Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate

Class-1 Certificates are personal email Certificates that gives you the privilege to secure your email messages. These Certificates can be mostly used to:

Digitally sign an email – Individual digital certificate will ensure the recipient that the specific email has been sent by you as they can see your digital sign in the email messages as a proof.

Encrypt email – You can use the Individual Digital Certificate to encrypt your email which will further prevent unauthorized people from reading it. Authenticate to Web Servers – This certificate will also help you to authenticate yourself to a Web Server to engage in secure communication with the particular Web Server. This also protects all information such as your debit or credit card details that you send to the Web Server.

Class-1 Certificates, however, do not facilitate strong authentication of the identity of the Subscriber. Hence, it’s not advised to completely to rely upon them for commercial use where proof of identity is required.

Documents required for Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate – Individual

  • Applicant’s self-attested passport-size photograph (Signature across photo)
  • Pan Card photocopy
  • Address proof (Voter ID or Passport or Driving License or Aadhaar)
  • Note: Only BLUE INK should be used for the application & signature purpose. All the documents have to be self-attested and also Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Head Post Master – Seal & Signature along with the attestation officer Name & Contact number is mandatory on all documents. (Check Guidelines document)