As issuance of any digital signature certificate is governed by rules laid down by the CCA ( which requires physical documents to be presented to the Certifying Authority prior to issuance of the digital signature. These documents are the equivalent of a bank’s KYC (know your customer) and consist of an approved ID proof and address proof for the individual as we’ll as the company, if a company type of digital signature is requested.

So the flow would be as follows.

Buy and pay online for the digital signature certificate of your choice.
You will receive a set of emails informing you transaction confirmation and next steps.
Complete the documentation as required in the email you receive.
Email scanned documents to support@ for a check and confirmation.
Get confirmation from that all documents are in order.
Send the physical documents (same set you scanned for approval) to the Bangalore office.
We receive the documents in Bangalore. You can track the progress in your customer panel.
We process the application which takes 48 hrs after we receive the original documents, not withstanding a weekend and public holidays.
We download the digital signature on the FIPS certified USB token device and courier it to you in a kit containing a cd with driver installation.
You receive the kit and install the USB crypto token drivers in whichever PC’s you wish to use the digital signature from.

Normally this entire process can be completed in a 7 working day time frame, if you act promptly.