Class 3 Individual Certificates

Class-3 Certificates are issued to individuals, companies and government organizations. They can be used both for personal and commercial purposes. They are typically used for electronic commerce applications such as electronic banking, electronic data interchange, and membership-based on-line services, e-Tendering Portal, e-auctioning, e-Procurement where security is a major concern.

The level of trust created by the Digital Certificate is based on the authentication procedures used by the CA to verify your identity and the service guarantees offered by the CA to back up that authentication.

Different procedures are used by the Certifying Authorities to obtain evidence of your identity before issuing you the Class-3 Certificate. The verification procedure demands the individual/business personnel to be physically (Personal) present before a Licensing Registration Authority (LRA), qualified by CA due to their reliability and neutrality. These validation procedures help to provide stronger base for an applicant’s identity.

This level is mostly applicable in the environments where threats to data theft are higher or consequences of the failure of security services are higher. This may include higher monetary value transactions or high levels of fraud risks.

Documents required for Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate – Individual

  • Applicant’s self attested passport-size photograph (Signature across photo)
  • Pan Card photocopy
  • Address proof (Voter ID or Passport or Driving License or Aadhaar)
  • Note: Application & Signature should be in BLUE INK only. All the documents has to be self attested and also Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Head Post Master – Seal & Signature along with the attestation officer Name & Contact number is mandatory on all documents.

Documents required for Class 3 Organization Digital Signature Certificate for Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Company

  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant (Self-attested – Signature across photo)
  • Organization’s Pan Card photocopy (for Partnership and Private Ltd. Company)
  • Photocopy of Address proof (Voter ID or Passport or Driving License or Aadhaar)
  • Pan Card photocopy of Individual
  • Copy of Partnership deed (for Partnership Firm)
  • List of Directors with seal and signature on company letter head (for Private Limited Firm)
  • Copy of Company Registration– VAT Copy | Service Tax | Certificate of Incorporation
  • Attested copy of Article and Memorandum of Association/Rules/By Laws (First 2 pages) (for Private Limited Firm)
  • Latest 2 pages of the Bank Statement (Should be attested by Bank Manager)
  • IT returns copy from last year
  • Last Audit Report and annual return (First 2 pages) (for Private Limited Firm) (Attested Copies)
  • Note: Only BLUE INK should be used for the application &signature purpose. All the documents have to be self-attested (with Seal & Signature) and should also bear the seal & signature (along with the attestation officer Name & Contact number) of the Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager or Head Post Master.