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File your Air India online tenders with e-sign class 3 digital certificates:

Information related to e-tenders for Air India is available on The Materials Management Department, Air India Ltd. has introduced an Oracle based ERP system for the Air India e-procurement process and inventory control. The airline company has activated its e-procurement module for non-aviation products and services. The complete list of non-aviation products required by the company has been uploaded at .

As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, digital signature certificates are mandatory for e-tendering, e-procurement, e-ticketing, initial public offering (IPO), patent and trademark filing processes, in India. As per the Act, class 3A and class 3B digital signature certificates can be issued as: Signing certificate and Encryption certificate.

Executive Director, Materials Management, Air India Ltd., Mumbai invites suppliers to register for e-procurement. For registration purposes, please visit the company website . There is a complete list of the vendors online.

For filing online tenders, companies need to buy class 3 digital signature certificates with encryption. For participation in the Air India e-tendering/e-procurement process, it is necessary to buy Class 3 (Company Type) Digital Certificate.

What are digital signature certificates?
Valid certifying authorities (CA) issue digital certificates for online transactions. A digital certificate ensures security by associating the identity of a device with a pair of electronic keys, which could be public or private. The certifying authority endorses this association. These keys are complementary to each other and one does not function without the other. If either one of the keys is not available, the authentification process fails. Browsers and servers use the certificates to encrypt and decrypt information to confirm the identity of the device/ individual during the process of information exchange. Digital certificates are used for

  • Encrypting messages.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Signing emails.
  • Securing web servers.
  • Securing online transactions 

With the advent of class 3 digital certificates, e-tendering in India has become safe and secure. It is a transparent process and convenient for the bidders.

About Air India
Air India is a part of the Government-owned Air India Limited (AIL). The company operates a large fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft’s serving regions such as Asia, the United States of America and Europe. The registered office and headquarters of Air India Limited is located in the Indian Airlines House in New Delhi. The company has has three subsidiaries. Air India, Air India Express, Air India Cargo and Air India Regional form the Air India Limited.

Over the years the company has not only won the customer loyalty but also several awards:

•    The Mercury Award for the years 1994 and 2003, from the International Flight Catering Association, for finest in-flight catering services.
•    Preferred International Airline award for travel and hospitality from Awaz Consumer Awards 2006
•    Best International West Bound Airline out of India for three successive years by Galileo Express TravelWorld Award


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