Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., (via Mjunction)

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Selected Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited tenders are listed on the BHEL eprocurement portal To bid for the BHEL tenders hosted on the website, the vendors have to register their company on e-procurement portal for BHEL. The portal gives the user an option to choose their individual user id and a password. The help desk officers can be contacted if the user is having trouble in getting the user id after the registration process at:
Phone: 033-66106426 033-66106426/6217/6013/6046/6176 (Between 9:30 to 18:00 hours India Time
Cell: 9163348283 9163348283/9163348284 9163348284/9163348285 9163348285/9163348286 9163348286/8584008116 8584008116 till 20:30 hours

With the login details, the bidders can submit priced bids and techno-commercial technical bids with the tender fee details and also download tender-related documents. All the transactions for e-procurement can be carried out online using the internet via the BHEL eprocurement portal. It eliminates all manual and physical processes. Priced Bids and techno-commercial bids for all the tenders published through the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited tendering portal have to be submitted online.

The Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited tenders portal is in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000. It is mandatory for vendors to buy a class 3 digital signature certificate. Licensed certifying authorities (CA) are authorised to sell digital signature certificates (DSC).Vendors can also obtain their DSC from a Licensed Registration Authority (LRA). Buy class 3 digital signature certificate online, issued by SIFY, at The vendor simply needs to fill the online registration form at Send it to our office with the necessary documents and the payment. Contact e-sign at Class 3 digital signature certificates are available in a validity of one year and two years. Upon receipt of the application, the certifying authority can grant the certificate, after completing the verification process. This process may take up to seven working days. The bidders are requested to apply for the DSC well in advance, for the BHEL tender process.

The portal is secure to share confidential data online. Encryption of data prevents unauthorised users from viewing or tampering with the data shared online. An encryption algorithm determines the level of protection provided by encryption. The criteria for assessing the strength of the encryption is the key size and the number of possible keys. 112-bit or 168-bit keys are virtually immune to brute-force attacks. A Triple Data Encryption Standard system uses 112-bit or 168-bit keys. Public key encryption and/or secure key exchange – both are developed to eliminate the risk of the key being viewed by an unauthorised user.

The Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited tenders portal has security features to ensure that all activities are logged. Unauthorised individuals or organisations cannot the data. The login passwords of all registered users are encrypted at the database level. To protect the privacy of communication between the browser and the web server is encrypted using a 128-bit SSL certificate is used.

The digital signature solution includes capturing the users digital signature which is authorised and certified a licensed certifying agency.


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