Government of Andhra Pradesh & its departments

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All departments of the Andhra Pradesh Government will use e-tendering including local bodies and municipal corporations along with their vendors. Various other state governments, co-operative sectors and public sectors also utilise e-procurement and e-tendering.

Through e-procurement in India, goods and services can be purchased using the internet. The process

  • Establishes connections between buyers and suppliers through an exchange of tenders, catalogs, contracts, POs, invoices etc on the internet
  • Includes on-contract and off-contract buying of goods and services
  • A variety of techniques such as reverse auctions, RFPs, quotes and auctions are included in this.

The Andhra Pradesh Government online tendering is carried out like the traditional tendering process in an electronic form. With the Andhra Pradesh Government e-tendering process, the various departments can:

  • Raise the indents online, as per requirement
  • The indents can also be approved online
  • Generate and publish NITs
  • Sell the tenders for various departments
  • Receive bids for e-tendering
  • Evaluate  the tenders
  • Award contracts / POs

The suppliers can do the following using the Andhra Pradesh Government eTendering:

  • Receive notifications for the relevant tenders
  • Purchase tender documents
  • Submit their bids online
  • Track the status of their bids online at their convenience

The Andhra Pradesh Government is leveraging information technology, to make the process of e-tendering in India, more efficient and transparent. The security features incorporated ensure that all activities are logged, all the sensitive data is protected by use of encryption, only authorised users have access to data and the system can be restored in a minimal possible time, in case of a disaster or system crash. The Tender Management Software helps the suppliers as buyers as well as the suppliers to reduce unnecessary paper work, save time, avoid long queues and simultaneously maintain the transparency in the entire process.

SSL certificates are used in the Government of Andhra Pradesh e-procurement process, for the purpose of security. The solution uses 128 bit SSL certificate. It ensures communication between the user’s browser and the web server. Thus all the data is encrypted and cannot be hacked or misused. The solution also supports 128 bit encryption. All the price bids received for every tender are encrypted at the database level. Also the login details of all the users are encrypted at the database level. Class 3 digital signature certificates of the signing and encryption category are used for e-tendering.

Other security-related features:

  • The solution has been developed such that all activities, changes in configuration and transactions are monitored and logged. The log of all activities is available at the database level, thus ensuring that an audit trail is easily available.
  • The secure process ensures that a user is unable view the commercial bid of a supplier until the tender has undergone technical evaluation and the time for the opening of the commercial bid is due.
  • The solution is protected by a firewall. The intrusion detection system protects it against unauthorised access and hackers.


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