National Highways Authority of India

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National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) e-procurement is carried out through online tenders. To bid for these tenders the vendors have to register on the tendering portal. The registration is a simple online process. The vendor can choose his/ her preferred user id and the system will provide a password. Once NHAI receives the vendor’s registration fee, the password will be enabled.

Class 3 digital signature certificate is mandatory for all the suppliers to participate in the NHAI e-tendering procedure. The supplier must check with the officials from the buyer department for the guidelines outlined for use of digital signature certificate(DSC). Suppliers can easily buy digital signatures certificates online in India. Licensed certifying authorities authorised by the Controller of Certifying Authority, India can sell digital certificates.

If the bidder has already purchased the certificate for National Highways Authority of India eprocurement, then he/ she can log-in with an e-token having DSC. During the first login, the certificate number will be updated in the user’s profile. The Certificate Serial Number can also be sent to NHAI representative with authenticated documents to update the DSC serial number in the user’s profile. To update the digital signature certificate number to the NHAI eprocurement user id, the vendor has to send a mail to the local NHAI representative. The bidders are advised to mention their company name, user id and
digital signature certificate number for reference.

If the National Highways Authority of India eprocurement system displays an error message – ‘Authentication Failed’ during login, the user should attempt the following:
a)If the digital signature certificate number is not integrated to the user’s id, the above error might occur. In this situation, the user should send a mail to the local NHAI representative with the company name, user id and digital signature certificate number. A request should be made to update the same.
b) The user should check whether the ActiveX controls in the browser have been activated. They should be enabled to use any DSC. In internet explorer, go to ‘Tools’ >> Internet options >> Security >> Internet >> Custom level and enable all the ActiveX controls and submit. The browser should be closed and reopened. Now try to log in.
c) If the above steps do not help, the vendors can contact the NHAI help desk to resolve the issue.

Along with the e-token, a DSC password will be issued. The e-token has a unique password which helps access the digital signature certificate. For PKI login, the vendor must enter this unique password. In case the vendor forgets the password, the security-related features will block the token. The vendors should note that, the e-token does not have any separate password for the hardware.

In case the vendor misplaces the certificate password or initialises the e-token, the vendor would be unable to access the DSC. He/she will have to apply for a fresh certificate and update the details in the e-token. The vendors are advised to contact the NHAI help desk for additional support.


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