Power Grid Corporation of India

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To participate in the Power Grid Corporation of India online tenders, the supplier must register on the official e-procurement portal – https://pgcileps.buyjunction.in . The users are recommended to view the portal on version 6.0 or above of Internet Explorer. The supplier can access the open tenders floated by PGCIL, without registering on the portal. However, to view item level attachments the supplier needs to login to the EPS. To register the vendor must visit fill up the details required on the website. The users are recommended to keep copies of their PAN card, bank account details and the details of the organisation on behalf of which they are registering, while filling out the form. The suppliers also need to choose their ‘Preferred procurement category’ as a part of this process. Users can call the toll-free helpline 1800-419-20001 or email at eps.customercare@mjunction.in, if they require any assistance during registration.

To complete the registration process, the supplier must print the registration and declaration form on the organisational letter head and sign and stamp each page. Along with a copy of the organisation PAN card, courier the form to
EPS Department,
Mjunction Services Limited,
Godrej Waterside,
Tower – I, 3rd Floor,
Plot number 5, Block-DP,
Sector – V, Salt Lake City,
Kolkatta – 700091

Upon the completion of the registration process, the supplier will receive an e-mail containing his/her EPS user id and password. With these login details the supplier can login on to the EPS and participate in any open PGCIL tender.

It is mandatory for a supplier, who participates in the PGCIL e-procurement process, to possess a valid class 3 digital signature certificate. The supplier can easily buy a digital signature certificate online. When the supplier is ready to submit the bids for PGCIL tenders, the system will ask for the signature used in the digital signature certificate (DSC). The vendors should buy a class 3 digital signature certificate, which is legally valid for tendering in India.

If the certificate is 1024 bit, there will be a single certificate for sign in and encryption. In case of 2048 bit DSC, there will be different certificates for sign in and encryption. The supplier has to choose the relevant digital signature certificate in the procurement portal.

The PGCIL procurement portal will verify the provided digital certificate and momentarily display a ‘Pending for Approval’ message. After the supplier’s signature in the digital certificate is approved in the online tender system, the supplier can login using the same sign used in the DSC. The PGCIL online tender system will validate the DSC and the supplier can view the dashboard.

The bidder also has to map his/her encryption certificate in the system. The vendor needs to select his certificate options depending on whether the DSC is 1024 bit or 2048 bit. He/ she must choose ‘FOR ENCRYPTION’ option in case of 2048 bit certificate and ‘FOR BOTH’ option for a 1024 bit certificate. The supplier needs to provide the encryption for his/ her DSC. Once the mapping of encryption is successful, the system will display a success message.


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