Union Territory of Lakshadweep UTL

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Digital signature certificate (DSC) is the digital equivalent (in an electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. A digital certificate can be used electronically to prove the user’s identity. The electronic signature is used to sign documents electronically, to participate in e-commerce transactions and e-tendering. The certificate is also used to access information or services on the internet.

Union Territory of Lakshadweep tenders can be filed using the UTL e-tenders portal. The portal is introduced to automate the UTL online tenderingprocess. The benefits include reduced inventory, consistent costs across departments, transparency, consistent and sustainable vendor development etc. The processes also help save the applicant’s time.

The tenders can be filed at https://www.tenderwizard.com/UTL. After obtaining a user name and password, buyers and vendors can log in on the portal. Here the users can select the type of digital signature certificate they are using. The password for i-key (hardware key) has to be shared as well. As a security measure, the system prompts the user to change the password. Tender processes such as vendor registration, tender announcement and corrigendum, tender form processing, opening, negotiation and tender awarding are all supported in a real-time interactive environment. The software also creates a dynamic platform for both buyers and vendors to interact with each other and transact business.

Vendors can buy sify class 2 digital signature certificates and sify class 3 digital signature certificates at info@psquaretechnologies.com/digital-signature-certificate. Users can contact the support team at
Email: info@psquaretec.com
Phone: +91 804 149 7771 [The team available between Monday at Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Indian Standard Time)]

The support team is equipped to advise on the class of sify digital signature certificate to be used for a particular online transaction. The sify DSCscome with a validity of one year and two years.

Users can place their order for sify safescrypt digital certificates on the website. They can register at info@psquaretechnologies.com/MemberLogin.aspx and track the progress of their order. The support team will also keep the buyers informed during every step of the issuance process, via email.

The company sends a sify safescrypt digital certificate signature kit which includes a USB Crypto token from VASCO (DP-Key 101) and a CD. The sify safescrypt DSC is stored in the password-protected VASCO e-token. The accompanying CD contains the necessary drivers to install the USB Crypto token from VASCO on the Windows PC. Along with the courier package, the support staff will also send an email with detailed instructions. In case the buyer has chosen not to purchase the USB token, the sify safescrypt digital signature certificate will be sent by email to the registered email id.

The support team can be contacted if any further assistance is required, is committed to provide assistance to its customers.


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